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Independent Rowing

This is a non-coached program

This program is for:

  • Experienced rowers

  • Private boat owners

2024 Full Year Dues:

  • Access to boathouse year-round

  • $1242 - pay in full

  •  Payment plan - 9 monthly payments of $142.14

    • Must be signed up for payment plan by 2/29/24

On-the-Water Only Dues:

  • Access to boathouse during rowing seasons

  • No access during winter months

  • $1067- pay in full

  • Payment plan - 7 monthly payments of $157

    • Must be signed up fo payment plan by  4/1/24



  • 25% reduction in dues if under 30

- Sign up for 2024 -

- Need to store a boat? -

  • If you already have a boat in the boathouse, head over to our boat storage page to renew

  • The BSRA boathouse has limited spaces available indoors. There is ample space for outdoor storage. Please send an email over to to discuss storage options.

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