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Upcoming Events

Virtual Thirsty Thursday Trivia

June 25th, 7:30pm

Join us with your family and friends, near and far, for a very fun evening playing virtual trivia! Is  the host reading the questions? Maybe it's the Trivia Master, maybe the Trivia Guru!

Date: Thurs. June 25th

Time: 7:30pm


How it Works:


Register your whole team, or just yourself. Teams of 1-10 people (max. 4 Zoom screens per team)

Zoom link sent after registration.

Unique, fun and goofy prizes for the winners

All proceeds support BSRA's Boathouse Fund.

The Weekend Trials

June 20th-21st

Gear up for a weekend of trials! Between Saturday, June 20th 12m EST to Sunday, June 21st 11:59pm EST, compete and submit your best times for the following race categories:





Erging: 5k, 2k, 1k, 500m

Masters handicaps applied for erging.

Outdoor Road Running: 5k, 2k

Outdoor Road Cycling: 5k

Masters ONLY on-the-water (OTW): 1k

Open Kayak (OTW): 1k

Open Rollerblading: 5k



Save screenshots of submitted pieces. Please make sure all screenshots have correct date and time.

Each participant should submit their own results via Regatta Central under My Entries. We will ask to see the screenshots of the top 3 participants in each event to verify the submitted time.



Events with 3 or more participants will be eligible for 1st place prize.

Events with 6 or more participants will be eligible for 1st and 2nd place prize.

Participants who compete in 4 or more events will receive a small token of accomplishment.

  • Standard Registration $8 for 500m races & $10 for all other races.
    • Opens May 29, 2020 @ 11:59 PM EDT
    • Closes June 19, 2020 @ 04:59 PM EDT


Past Events

Memorial Meter MAYhem

May 25th - May 31st


Round up your friends from near and far to compete in BSRA's Memorial Meter MAYhem! This is a week long race in which the goal is to travel the most meters as a team. You can run, erg or cycle in order to rack up meters. 

Teams of 4x (4 people), 2x (2 people) or 1x (1 person)


Tracking meters:

Your team captain will have access to a Google sheet where your team's daily meters will be updated. Each teammate must send verification of their meters via screenshot or photo of their session and send it to their captain. The team captain of each team is responsible for keeping their teammates screenshots and photos compiled. Running and erging meters count as is, but cycling meters (indoors or outdoors) will be cut in half. 

Tracking Team Progress: 

Daily team rankings will be posted


The team that records traveling the most meters in each category will be deemed the victor and each team member will receive a T-shirt.

Verifying meters:

Upon completion of the competition, each winning team will send their compiled screenshots and photos for the regatta staff to verify the accuracy of that team's meter reporting. 

The 12 Minute 'Why Not!' Challenge

May 9th

Why not!

Let's have a fun and friendly virtual competition from the comfort of our home and/or the running areas around your house.



The 12' Challenge:

Saturday, May 9th you will have 6 hours, 7am-1pm (EDT) to complete a 12 minute erg piece and/or a 12 minute run and send a screen shot of your piece to us at

Please refer to Rules and Eligibility to see exactly how this should be done.



Winners from each event will recieve a T-Shirt 

*must have a minimum of 2 participants for events to qualify for prizes


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